Live At Leeds. The Start of The Summer.

Live At Leeds 2014 comp 600

Live At Leeds. The Start of The Summer.
Seven Bands Worth Seeing.

Like it or not, festival season is upon us. Kicking off this weekend with Live At Leeds, the next four months are going to be about escaping the real world and exploring the unknown whimsy of the festival landscape. Big ones, little ones, the goal is always the same. See fantastic music. Live At Leeds has made that pretty simple. By booking a lineup that ranges from brilliant to incredible, it’s hard to go wrong. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dig out the diamonds in the gold though.


Nina Nesbitt. Ingenious pop songs delivered with punk abandon, Nina Nesbitt already has a back catalogue of whispered heartbreak and chanted celebration. There’s a good chance she’s the best thing in pop today.

Lauren Aquilina.  Heartbreak. Beauty. Poetry. Lauren Aquilina is a master at all three. Turning youthful betrayal into grand theatrics, the singer/songwriter crafts a mysterious allure, while her songs are fraught with the brutal honesty of love.

Black Moth. On home soil for the first time this year, Black Moth will be desperate to show off what they’ve been working on. You can expect a heavy slab of intelligent metal with a destination. Dark, brooding and mesmerising. Black Moth are confidently driving British metal forward.

Royal Blood. Are Royal Blood just the latest in a long line of hype bands, or is the anticipation justified. The Brighton duo are going to spend all summer with that question being asked of them. They’ve already transcended the boundaries normally put on alternative rock and every song released thus far has been an intelligent and exciting take on garage rock. Don’t believe the hype, but get down and make your own mind up.

 Pulled Apart By Horses. It feels like forever, but one of the most exciting bands in the UK are back. Renown for an explosive live show, the Leeds four-piece have been out on a warm-up tour so expect a band hungry to remind you just how great they can be. New material with a gratifying focus on songwriting will sit beautifully next to the instant explosion of the classics.

Little Matador. A side project from the guitarist in Snow Patrol. Interesting. Take the passion and drive of a young band, playing loudly in their garage to escape their hometown and annoy their parents. Then, add in countless years of experience in the field, you get halfway to what Little Matador is about. The band play an angry take on desert rock, and, aware of the preconceived idea about them, will be there to change your mind.

Forward Russia. They’re back. Maybe for the last time. Forward Russia are one of the greatest band to ever exist. Bringing together an eclectic combination of genres, instruments and styles and tying it together with a considered respect for song, Forward Russia will change how you view music. On home turf, the atmosphere they create is going to be unbeatable. Don’t miss it.

Whether you listen to me, to the NME or to your friends. This festival season, challenge yourself.


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