Live. Pulled Apart By Horses


Live. Pulled Apart By Horses.
30th April. Oxford Arts Bar.

There’s always been an air of greatness around Pulled Apart By Horses. From the scrappy ‘come and ‘ave a go’ of their self-titled debut to the assured flex of Tough Love, the band have always been seen as contenders, even if they didn’t want to join in the assertions. Even the build up to their first UK tour in almost three years was a lesson in being tentative. That is, until they started playing.

Opening with PWR, a Tough Love B-side, Pulled Apart By Horses announced their return with legs apart and chests out. Remember us? We only do great songs. Though never spoken aloud, the following thirteen songs were testament to this idea.

Time hasn’t waned the passion or fury though. It’s become concentrated. You’ve heard the stories. Chaos. Carnage. A sense of ‘anything could happen’. There comes a time, though, where people expect more from a band and Pulled Apart By Horses have prepared themselves for this demand. Musically, the band has never sounded better. There’s more weight thrown behind the noise, yet every moment is defined.  The bare boned riffs of ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ sounds like every promise it ever made. The other material from their self-titled has had a similar growth spurt.  The likes of V.E.N.O.M and WolfHand still carry that surprise within. The crunch still leaves you breathless, despite living with each other for years but somehow the band wrestle more from each moment. The rise and fall is more dynamic. The change in pace is more deliberate, more confident. It’s almost as if Pulled Apart By Horses know the power they hold in their hands, and they’re perfectly content to toy with their audience, just for a moment.

With all that in mind, there’s no real surprise when it comes to the new material. ‘Hot Squash’ and ‘Bag of Snakes’ both get an airing, and if they offer any indication to the direction Pulled Apart By Horses are going, then its time to get very, very excited. Comparisons to Queens of The Stone Age and ‘AM’ era Arctic Monkeys would be easy, but while both those bands seem content to strut, Pulled Apart By Horses charge. Bleak, but buoyant and with a strong sense of song, the band want to make you feel every instant.

There’s still a youthful innocence to Pulled Apart By Horses. They’ve grown in confidence but the reaction from the crowd still brings on wide-eyed wonder. This admiration for the craft can be heard in their music, seen on their faces and felt within the room. There’s always been a whisper of greatness surrounding Pulled Apart By Horses and they’ve come back screaming.



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