More Than Conquerors.

More Than Conquerors.

Last year More Than Conquerors released ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’ and it was the best thing that happened to 2013. The album is an exquisite piece of alternative rock. Dark and sultry but flecked with hope, the eleven tracks that make up ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’ take you on a journey of someone else’s discovery. Not only does it mirror thoughts that have troubled you on long walks home, it gifts epiphanies that will see you look at a different path.
It offers escapism and realism, without pushing you into a corner.
Nine months on, ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’ is still as exciting as the moment I heard it.

I spoke to Kris ahead of their UK tour, to see if More Than Conquerors are going to become our favourite band.


Why did More Than Conquerors start making music?
“I wanted to make rock music and the rest of the boys knew how to play rock music. It seemed like the sensible thing to do.” 

How does a More Than Conquerors song get written?
Usually a verse, chorus or sometimes a whole song would’ve come to the practice room fully formed, then we’d work on our separate parts until there was an end product. The current process of writing an MTC song, however, is much more communal. Everyone is playing an equal part and the outcomes have been some of the best songs we’ve ever written.” 

 Everything I’ve Learnt’ was one of the best albums of 2013, yet you didn’t get the recognition. Is that frustrating?
We were and are very proud of it. It marked a really important time in our lives, so the idea of it not getting as much recognition as some people thought it deserved, doesn’t bother us at all. We needed to make it for ourselves and I’m glad we did. There’s no point in having wishful thinking over the past, we’ve always been an, ‘onwards and upwards’ kind of band.“

Lyrically, ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’ is rather bleak. Was this intentional?
“It wasn’t intentional in regards to the lyrics but we did want the album to exude a darker tone before any words were written. I wasn’t in the best place in my life at that point, so I guess it makes sense that the lyrics would take on such grim undertones. “

It’s dark, but it seems to tackle ideas that most people would rather ignore. Are you out to make a difference to people’s lives?

“Most of the questions/ideas are about faith, grace, life, death, God and Satan. Those are pretty daunting subjects. Going into them, I never set out to change peoples lives, I just wanted to make sure I was ok first. In doing that and being honest with myself, other people have seemed to cling on to my questions and make them their own. We’ve had some incredible stories of our songs helping people through some really rough times. It wasn’t intended, but it’s the best possible outcome. “

 What do you want people to take away from ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’?
The same joy that I took away from, ‘Ride The Lightning’ when I was 7 years old. I want it to be a record that people can go back to for years to come, a record that they’ll show their grandchildren and overall, a record that they can sing back to us as honestly as we sing it to them.“

What inspires you?
“Everything. If I had a sole thing that inspired me, I’d have written one song 10 years and left it at that. The world’s too interesting to leave it at that.” 

What’s your biggest fear as a musician?
“That I’ll forget how to write a song. It’s such an irrational fear but ask any other song writer. If they don’t agree with me, then you’re probably talking to Elton John. He’s an exception.” 

You get compared to the likes of Brand New and Manchester Orchestra, how does that affect you?
We love those bands so it’s cool, but we were the ones who compared ourselves to them in our biography. Most people just take those comparisons as gospel. I’d be extremely surprised if you mixed a Brand New song and a Manchester Orchestra song together that you’d get a More Than Conquerors song. We’ll just let people believe that you would, there’ll be less hassle that way.”

You’re back on our shores in May for a run of headline shows, excited?
“We can’t wait. It feels like forever since we were out. There’s also a rumour going round that the UK will be experiencing a heat wave in May. If this is true, we are even more excited.” 

How do you keep the shows fresh and stop yourself going through the motions?
That’s the hardest thing to control. To be honest, we do find ourselves going through the motions on stage. When we realise, we feel like we’ve cheated ourselves and the people listening. As soon as we think about the prospect of working at a bank, we remember that we’ve got the best job in the world. That usually perks us up.”

What does the future hold for More Than Conquerors?
 “After this tour we will be taking a short break to write the second album. We’re half way through and we’re feeling extremely confident. We’re looking forward to taking it easy for a while but come Christmas time our feet will be as itchy as ever. “

Is there an end goal?
We’d want to live comfortably and tour consistently. We’re not asking for much but if it just so happens that we end up being bigger than U2, we won’t complain.”

Everyone has an answer to a question that they’re never asked. If there’s one question you’re born to answer, what is it?
My answer is, ‘yes’ and it’s in return to a question asked by Natalie Portman.”






You can find out more on More Than Conquerors at the usual places.

You should also pick up ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’ for £5 here.



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