Live – Lorde


Live – Lorde

Offering an alternative to the cartoonish pop that’s so readily taken over the capital in recent weeks, Perry, Cyrus, One Direction, Lorde played her second ever London headline show at Shepherds Bush Empire. Demure, understated and without colour, the new star performed as if the music was in control. Being flung this way and that in a sprawling web of head tosses and flailing limbs. It was a bewitching sight, seeing someone so utterly absorbed in their music. The minimalist, gothic disco that she ignites is a triumph in simplicity. Droning synths and staccato drums craft the bed for her voice, dark and rich as treacle, to fall into.

The instant Lorde walks on stage, the audience erupts. Every moment of silence is greeted with a roar of appreciation, and the answer to the question “How are you doing?” is a deafening one. The problem with being put on such a pedestal, is the distance. Lorde rarely tries to connect. Even an unscripted story that starts with a party and ends with a confession fails to bridge the gap. It’s open-ended, offers an insight but doesn’t give anything away.

At the same time, maybe we don’t need to know everything about an artist, to fall so readily for them. Maybe when your songs mean so much, to so many, you don’t need to expose your soul. You’ve already captured their spirits.


~ by justdip on 12/06/2014.

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