Mongol Horde – Mongol Horde



Mongol Horde – Mongol Horde

“Make way for the Mongol Horde. Coming back to fuck you up.”
After a false shimmy, ‘Make Way’ shoves you into the middle of something that you can’t escape. Surrounded on all sides, and with no room to breath, the thirteen tracks that make up Mongol Horde’s self-titled debut are huge and unforgiving.
There’s obvious influences and clear ideas, but that’s not what this album, or the band, is about.  There’s not a single moment of agenda throughout.
The front room conversations that drive the lyrical outpouring reveal a group of people with a lot on their plate. Everyday annoyances and a desire for freedom, the plate gets thrown at the wall.
In amongst all the blood lust and pantomime villainy, one thing rings louder. Friendship.
And that’s what really makes Mongol Horde such a charming proposal. The sense of whatever. It’s comfortable and natural, while sitting at odds with the grain. Yet the album is a steamroller. Keep up or get flattened.

“Seriously man, watch your back.”


~ by justdip on 12/06/2014.

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