Linkin Park Are That Forgotten School Friend.


Linkin Park Are That Forgotten School Friend.

Linkin Park are very much an old school friend. One day, while alone in your flat, you start thumbing through your old photo albums. You get nostalgic. Looking at  past glories you can’t quite remember why you drifted apart from your partners in crime. It’s been years since you’ve met up and, while you stay abreast of what each other are doing via social media, it’s more an observational acquaintance than one with any direct involvement. Caught up in the moment, you decided to give them a call, invite them out for a drink, a catch up. You wake up the next day with a feeling of regret.

You’re sat in the pub, a mostly full pint in front of you, when in they stroll. “Alright shagger?” they bellow across the subdued room before saddling up to the bar, ordering two pints and a couple of shots. He slams them down in front of you, and demands you “drink up.” Pleasantries soon turn into the repulsive as garish tales of the yoga instructor, 10 years your minor, and a hotel in Manchester support your growing sense of regret. He finishes the rest of his pint, as yours sits at the halfway mark, your shot still untouched, and goes to order another. You aim to make your excuses as soon as he returns. However, when he returns, the fire’s gone from his eyes and he asks how your wife is. He seems genuinely interested as you tell him all the joys of marriage, and fatherhood and he then shares with you the breakdown of his marriage. Hours soon pass, and you’re thick as thieves once more. He’s stopped living in the past and that’s ok.

Linkin Park’s new album, The Hunting Party is just like this. The first few tracks are brash, childish and forced. They sound like the band they once were, but without the same fire or reasons, it just sounds uneasy. Once they relax into it though, The Hunting Party is fabulous. It’s not Hybrid Theory part two, but for very good reasons.

Your glory days, though infinite, are behind you, but that doesn’t mean your present can’t be magnificent. Early indiscretions are forgotten, jotted down to nerves and a desire to please, while plans have been made to see him next week. You don’t regret a thing. Leave the past where it belongs, stop asking for a reenactment, and focus on how glorious today truly is.



~ by justdip on 26/06/2014.

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