Live. More Than Conquerors.


Live. More Than Conquerors
The Barfly, 28th May

Live music is all about connections. Band with crowd. Crowd with one another. It’s the only reason people leave the comfort of their computer screens and become part of something bigger. Except when they don’t.

As More Than Conquerors took to the Barfly’s stage, the rest of the world simply stopped. All the passion and heart that bleeds from last years ‘Everything I’ve Learnt’ ruptured from the band, creating a tunnel vision that proved impossible to pull away from.

The band take on a more visceral edge live, with the crunch of the breakdowns standing toe to toe with the dance of the melody. This clash may pull you this way and that but it’s the vocal delivery that stops you from being led astray. The screaming refrain of Smoke, Knees, Trees, Lungs takes emotion to the very cusp of human expression, before cracking under the scope and making way for a soaring instrumental flourish. The new material is just as hypnotic and brutal, while tracks like When The Well Runs Dry and All That We Can form a flurry of clenched fists, darting eyes and lightening blows.

Music is caught emotion, but few bands connect in the way that More Than Conquerors do. Their music is a cathartic experience, and the range of fragile emotion they convey is as humbling as it is therapeutic. Heart, soul, venom, anger. This is the fuel that drives More Than Conquerors. This is why you feel connected. That is why, when they start playing, nothing else matters.


~ by justdip on 26/06/2014.

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