Freeze The Atlantic – Freeze The Atlantic


Freeze The Atlantic – Freeze The Atlantic

Reuben. Hundred Reasons. Everyone on the same page? Right, down to business.

Freeze The Atlantic, now comfortable enough with their own history, sound like the band they’ve threatened to. Glorious. The primal vigor that has made their live shows such an attractive prospect has been bottled, and now douses the thirteen tracks that makeup their sophomore self-titled release.

Polite has made way for the playful. There’s no awkward side step as members try to gift each other a moment in the sun, instead they jostle for dominance. This gives the album an urgent energy that, once realised on Back to Nibelheim, doesn’t let up until a finalised version of This Flight rattles around the chasm Freeze The Atlantic have dug.  The 90’s influences are clear, and rightly so, but it’s the flirtatious nods to hip-hop, electronica and dance that really make Freeze The Atlantic such a rewarding listen.

It’s still very much a gritty rock record, big in ambition and sound, but the band aren’t content to stop there. Announcing their return with the onomatopoeic Stompbox, this message has always been etched into their being. Now it’s their rallying call. Fearless in comfort and secure in their future, Freeze The Atlantic march on with banners aloft and impassioned cries ringing true.


~ by justdip on 04/07/2014.

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