16 Bands That Can Change The World.


16 Bands That Can Change The World.
Who To See, At 2000 Trees.

Here’s a list of 16 bands that can change the world. I’ve avoided genre because the music traverses such crass marketing. There’s also no comparisons to other bands, because. Instead, I’ve tried to capture a feeling. Ignore the words. Listen to the music. The only future is yours.

Everyone of these bands is playing 2000 Trees festival this weekend (10th-12th July) Get a ticket, and join the resistance.


Blood Red Shoes sound like leather jackets and Dr. Martens. Timelessly cool with a very real sense of practicality, edged with danger.

Frightened Rabbit sound like the confessions of an everyman in hope of redemption for the sins of his existence.

Arcane Roots sound like a phrase that justifies everything you’ve ever thought or believed in, yet still presents you with a challenge. Followed by the victorious punch towards the heavens.

Lostalone sound like ambition and sentiment dressed in a mirror ball.

Hawk Eyes sound like the end of the world.

MaybeSheWill sound like the soundtrack to the big screen adaptation of your everyday suffering.

DZ Deathrays sound like covering a new tattoo with a long sleeve shirt to go to work. The rebellion is still alive, but there’s better ways to go about it.

Tall Ships sound like all the beauty in the world and the protective snarl when it’s threatened.

Jamie Lenman sounds like tales of the glory days and how he first met your mother. It’s uncomfortable at times, but you’ll be a better man for it.

Gnarwolves sound like every party you’ve ever missed.

Lonely The Brave sound like the quiet voice in a crowded room. You’re drawn to it, like a moth to the flame.

Brawlers sound like holding a mirror up to your face, before throwing it from the balcony. A shrug, a wink and they’re leaving you to pick up the pieces.

Slaves sound like the truth.

Ben Marwood sounds like the hope for a better tomorrow, despite the horrific struggles of today.

Little Matador sound like the frustrated scribbles in the margin, as you’re forced to sit through a lesson you’ve already learnt.

Wolf Alice sound like falling in love with a stranger.

All the information about 2000 Trees can be found here. For information about the bands, use your common sense.


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