Mikill Pane – The Godfather


Mikill Pane – The Godfather EP

The gritty realism that Mikill Pane has made his trademark takes a backseat on new EP, The Godfather, as the MC waxes lyrical about hope and aspiration. It’s not a reinvention, more a realignment and it’s one that he pulls off with aplomb.

Raise The Heat is a dark flex of self-confidence that sits at odds with the summer jangle of the title track. Full Clip hits like a hammer, before settling down. The musical mirror of love itself. While the finale of Put It There sees Mikill Pane laying out his future want in a reflective scurry of minimalistic beats and skipping vocals.

Laced with famed wordplay and relevant humour, The Godfather breaks new ground, both musically and lyrical. He exposes a more intimate side; one who’s more confident in telling his story and not relying on the characters he creates to form a connection. As the lines between Mikill Pane and Justin Smith Uzomba begin to blur, his future has never looked so clear.

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~ by justdip on 16/07/2014.

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