Twin Atlantic – Great Divide

Twin Atlantic – Great Divide

“I set my body on fire, so I could be free.” That was the screaming mantra that took Twin Atlantic from awkward alt-emo foursome to an actual phenomenon. Sure, it doesn’t make the most literal sense, but there’s power in that warped poetry. You scream it at the top of your lungs, or scrawl it onto a scrap of paper, and you know you’re capable of achieving it all. The follow up, Great Divide is the bastard son of this reckless confidence and the reaction in the fields.

From the get go, it’s clear that Great Divide is full of breezy assurance. The minimalistic opening of The Ones That I Love, all electronic heartbeats and stuttering climbs, is a stripped back attack on a generation, desperate to arm the victims with a voice. This sentiment is echoed on Be A Kid, albeit it with a more wistful sense of sense but for the rest of Great Divide, Twin Atlantic busy themselves with making music to achieve their dreams.

Like Free, Great Divide is full of singles. Big choruses and instant gratification lie next to a renewed freedom in their skills as musicians. The classic pomp of rock is set against a contemporary allure for surprise. It’s familiar, but unexpectedly so.

Great Divide is almost too easy. Heart and Soul, Brothers and Sisters, Fall Into the Party, I Am An Animal. The list goes on. These songs are made for uniting scores of people with one voice. It’s empowering, bold and a whole heap of fun but it isn’t the voice of a generation.

On the surface Great Divide seems as impressive as jumping from space, but dig a little deeper and it’s as easy as falling. But that’s not a bad thing.

Sure, by yourself with headphones in, the majority of Great Divide will wash over you. You’ll feel distant, maybe even forgotten about. Scribbling ‘I Am An Animal’ into the margin is dejected acceptance, rather than bold defiance. Add movement though, and Great Divide becomes a soundtrack for action, capable of making each moment unforgettable.

And so we come to the great divide. By succeeding in creating a soundtrack to bring together the masses, Twin Atlantic have lost their power to effect the individual.


~ by justdip on 18/08/2014.

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