Gnarwolves – Gnarwolves

Gnarwolves – Gnarwolves

“If I fall, who will catch me?” ask Gnarwolves with tenderness and concern as their self-titled debut comes to a close. It’s a question saved for summits and that’s exactly where the Brighton three-piece find themselves throughout; on a ledge, looking out.

The band have taken their skate park politics and made them, if not universal, at the very least generational. The ten tracks that make up the album deal with the oft-talked trio of love, loss and despair but from a viewpoint of unity, rather than solitude. In focusing on what we have in common rather than our differences, Gnarwolves pull people together. Underpinned by a ferocious instrumental constant, the band toy with tempo as each melody wraps itself around every atom of your being.

Their voice is one of honesty. In the same way that Frank Turner has traversed his genre trappings with humble integrity and a universal respect for each and every person, Gnarwolves do the same.

Gnarwolves is witty & intelligent in ways that punk isn’t meant to be. The two-part Ebb and Flow reflects their two sides; lament and fury. Even the wailing guitar that undercuts the hidden track at the end of the album, a guttural howl of tension and release, could easily find a home in a Foo Fighters breakdown.

Gnarwolves is a potent mix of frustration and honesty, married as anthems of change. “We are the product of a broken class, but we weren’t raised to be fucking morons.” Prove them right, listen to Gnarwolves.


~ by justdip on 14/09/2014.

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