Uncle Luc – Humblebrag


Uncle Luc – Humblebrag

There’s something instantly familiar about ‘Humblebrag’. Not the predictable or expected realisation of the everyday, rather the exciting embrace of a lost friend. Twelve months ago, Luke Barham called time on ‘Stagecoach’. The band had anchored his life for ten years and his reintroduction to the stage, alone now, is stalked by that decision.

The tentative opening of ‘Leader Boards’ is a delicate reflection of melancholy. Hypnotic with the simple repetition of guitar, ‘Uncle Luc’ catches your eye across a crowded room and nods in your direction. A pregnant pause as the songs ends holds your gaze before the upbeat twinkle of ‘Farewell Monsoon’ grabs you by the hand and slaps your back. From here on out, there are new adventures and tales to tell. Humblebrag may start and finish with little more than an acoustic guitar and that voice, pointed yet warm like hot honey and lemon, but the album sees Uncle Luc grow far beyond those humble means.

The dancing drums that skirt around ‘Happy Too’, the reckless piano that lifts ‘I Write’ or the swaggering bass of ‘Rainbow’, Uncle Luc is not a solo project. Instead, Humblebrag is a textured and glorious hunk of beauty, commanded by one man. The beating heart of the record deals with friendship in age and all the ridiculous offshoots that come with it. As the bold ‘Quarter Past Dead’ slowly dies, you realise some friendships are timeless. Welcome back.


~ by justdip on 29/09/2014.

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