Beyond The Fringe. Noyo Mathis


Beyond The Fringe. Noyo Mathis.
An Interview

A baby bird cradled in safe hands. That’s the front cover of Noyo Mathis latest EP, ‘Endure’. It’s a photo the band took themselves after rescuing the chick from a swollen river. Despite the odds, it survived and that’s a struggle that Noyo Mathis celebrate with every aerobic turn.

Made up of brothers, Jamie and Toby Savill and completed by long-term friend and confidant, Daniel England, Noyo Mathis are a band a lifetime in the making. Getting into music from a young age to emulate Bruce Springsteen and help with Jamie’s Dyspraxia, a condition that affects hand/eye coordination, the three-piece have blazed a trail with a triptych of EPs.

“We get compared to Minus The Bear a lot, which is worrying. We like Minus The Bear but you don’t want to sound the same as someone else,” ventures Toby, already cautious of being tied to an existing movement. Over the course of the interview the band shift between the safe hands and the fragile bird. Talk of the definite past and a potential future is littered with comfort and humour. A round robin of what their goals are, starts with a support slot with One Direction and ends with henchmen on a Haitian island. The band know the who and the what. It’s the why they’re still figuring out.

“We try to play to a room full of strangers as much as possible. If we’re out of our comfort zone, strangely enough, it’s where we’re most comfortable,” explains Dan. This spirit of adventure is one that goes against their musical upbringing in Portsmouth. “Portsmouth has loads of bands that play the same six venues. Every month they’ll play a couple of gigs and feel like they’re achieving something but they’re just playing to the same twenty people. It’s nice to go somewhere with no loyalty. You have to win that,” furthers Toby. It’s an ideology that’s seen them share the stage with the likes of Johnny Foreigner, Nai Harvest, I Am The Avalanche and Tellison. A musical trial by fire that saw them “Too heavy for the indie crowd and too indie for the heavy crowd,” has gifted them an underdog mentality that puts them at home anywhere they can “play these songs with my friends.”

“We’ve always been a downer band,” discloses Toby. “We’re not a happy band. Our last EP, ‘Ages’, was about my fear of death. The thing is, I struggle with depression. I was going through a really bad time with ‘Ages’ and writing ‘Endure’ was really cathartic. I used our music to lift me up a little bit. The idea that one good thing in a sea of bad can keep you going.”

And by basing their songs on episodes of ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘Futurama’, and ‘Breaking Bad’, Noyo Mathis have the disconnect to sing them night after night. There’s more to the band than cult TV though.

“There’s one line in ‘Kato’, based on David Foster Wallace. His wife wrote a memoir about finding his body when he hanged himself. How she cut him down and heard his kneecaps break. I was telling Toby about it and he adlibbed that into the song. It was such a beautiful, tragic thing,” says Dan.

Noyo Mathis are the product of their own creation. The sense of struggle and the will to endure. With work on an album about to get underway and with Europe in their sights, Noyo Mathis are finding their wings.

Find Noyo Mathis on Facebook or Twitter. Their music is available from Bandcamp.


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