Review. Solemn Sun – Solemn Sun


Solemn Sun – Solemn Sun EP
Out Now

A fire in the night. Four men shrouded by darkness. An acoustic guitar fed to the flames and left to die. In the forty-two seconds it takes for ‘Josef’ to reach a crescendo, Solemn Sun have already burnt the bridges to their past. The drum kicks, and everything changes.

As bold statements of intent go, the self-titled debut from Solemn Sun is an irrevocable message of assured promise and realised potential. Free from the shackles of the past, Solemn Sun waste no time in exploring their new boundaries, only to find horizon in every direction. From the slow-burn of ‘Josef’ to the stuttering march of ‘I Saw’, ‘Solemn Sun’ is a body of work that doesn’t stop moving. Turbulent and full of hurried movements, the band dart between ideas and aims with a calculated confidence and little respect for the idea of genre. Broadly speaking, Solemn Sun deal in rock music, but they don’t stand still long enough to attach the label too. Layering their sound with Hip Hop production, Pop affection and Punk spirit, Solemn Sun are already a challenge to pin down.

There are lyrical nods to the internal struggles they’ve faced, but ultimately ‘Solemn Sun’ is a celebration of staying true to yourself, no matter what. It bristles with that belief as every fibre of its being tenses, spoiling for the fight. ’30:10′ is the whispered battleground where Solemn Sun almost lose the will but a rousing one-two of ‘Children’ and ‘Ruin’ not only provide hope, but some of the most grandiose choruses of recent times.

‘Solemn Sun’ is a fiery rebirth for the Cheltenham four-piece and as they soar from the flames, all pomp and plume, it really does feel like the sky is the limit.

You can find Solemn Sun on Twitter and Facebook. You can buy the self-titled EP here. 

Revolution. An Interview with Solemn Sun.


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