Eight Things We Learnt From Tall Ships.


Eight Things We Learnt From Tall Ships
That Couldn’t Be Shoehorned Into a Feature

  1. Jamie Elliot Field is now a full time member of the band. He’s the happiest man you’ll ever meet and is fucking phenomenal at shaking eggs.
  2. His inclusion in the live band has meant that Matt and Ric no longer have to have their keyboards on stage. The box that they were stored in was called ‘The Coffin’ because of all the dead space on stage. Jamie now controls all the loops and keys from a machine called ‘The Warhead’. It has three backup plans in the event something goes wrong.
  3. This has freed up Matt and Ric to explore their true musical passion. Cock Rock Moves.
  4. Al, the fifth person on stage for recent shows, plays in a band called Vincent Vocoder Voice. Matt plays with them for live shows and their album scored 1K in Kerrang! which means it’s probably brilliant.
  5. With his career, Matt would like to get to the same level as Snoop Dog. Just turn up on a track, say “Yeah! Snoop Dog!” then leave. His Snoop Dog impression is a solid 7/10.
  6. Tall Ships aren’t addicted to touring. They’re addicted to free beer and fast food.
  7. There are currently no big ‘Wo-oahs’ or egg shaker solos on the new album. Yet.
  8. “You should listen to Emperor Yes because they’re the best band in the world.”

~ by justdip on 19/10/2014.

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