Taylor Swift – 1989

Taylor Swift – 1989

You carefully walk up the sweeping staircase, taking care that every polished step meets your sole with minute perfection. At the pinnacle, silhouetted by radiant light, stands your goal. An arm reaches out to meet yours and you take it. The other is thrown backwards, a camera flashes and Taylor Swift welcomes you to her New York.

“Like any great love it keeps you guessing, like any real love it’s ever changing”It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known her for, whether your history harks back to a self-titled debut or this embrace is the first time your eyes have met, ‘1989’ is an introduction to Taylor Swift. An attempt to wipe clean the chalk stained slate.

Pulling together a series of snapshots, the hopeful sway of ‘Welcome to New York, the breathy goodbye of ‘Bad Blood’, the steadfast defiance of ‘Shake It Off’, ‘1989’ covers it all. Each track tells a different chapter of the same arching tale. Utilising such a broad spectrum of emotion is a heady undertaking but one that rewards with every considered breath. The churning instrumental backdrops are just as varied as the subjects they underpin, from the minimalistic romp of ‘Blank Space’ to the celebratory parade of ‘I Know Places’ with Taylor’s consistently brilliant vocals, the bow tying it all together.

What really lifts ‘1989’ skywards isn’t Taylor’s fearless emersion into the world of pop though. It’s her ability as a storyteller. Lacing each tale with whispered detail makes the aching nostalgia shiver, whether desperation, appeasement or hope, she tackles her own history with the loaded self-belief that can only come from pain and disappointment. The protagonist at the centre of this world is so believable because she’s the same fallible narrator holding your hand. “I could show you incredible things,” she promises on ‘Blank Space’. Wide-eyed and true, it’s a commitment Taylor Swift won’t break.


~ by justdip on 27/10/2014.

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