The Xcerts – There Is Only You

There Is Only You

The Xcerts – There Is Only You

Returning from the wilderness, weary, haggard but glad to be alive, The Xcerts have been through the wars. Over the course of their career they’ve sung about losing it all but one thing that’s never faltered is that steely determination in their collective eye. With third album ‘There Is Only You’ every band’s favourite band is taking this never die attitude and making a powerful play to become yours.

The cinematic funeral march of album opener ‘2.12.12\ deafens with relative silence. Catching you off guard, it demands your full attention with a sonic subversion acting as a deep breath before the explosive blow of ‘Live Like This’ demands it all over again. From the opening cry of “Somebody bring me back to life,” Murray Macleod vocalises a desire to be reborn that stalks the album.

The Xcerts have always had a penchant for a hook and you only have to wait ninety seconds for the first grand choral moment to erupt. The second quickly follows, as does the third. These aren’t examples of simple repetition and artillery in the loudness war but dynamic, reflective lessons with blood and guts honesty. Having allowed themselves room to breath, The Xcerts have found a way to twist their craft into a refined, palatable adventure. A warm embrace and assured direction while lost at sea.

The devil may care acceptance of ‘I Don’t Care’ sits at odds with the doomed torment of ‘Shaking In The Water’ as the band explore the nostalgia soaked subject matter of anxious love and grief-ridden loss. Doing away with the rose tint, The Xcerts have crafted a brutal and affecting insight into the pains of adulthood.

‘There Is Only You’ is relentless. As soon as that first shot is fired, The Xcerts don’t stop until the empty click of the album closer rings out. Jumping from the ever-present fury of guitar to the down-trodden, alien hush of piano The Xcerts keep surprising until their last. Looking over their shoulder, the band tread an ambiguous path along the title track. Standing as either an ode to self-reliance or the helpless want for another, the rugged final moments of the album soar with human emotion and artistic wonder. Hopeless tears or defiant cries.

“Lament is getting old,” The Xcerts promised at the close of 2010’s Scatterbrain. It, and the band, are still recognisable after all their struggles but both have grown into something rare, beautiful and tragic. A petrified tree’s first blossom.

You find The Xcerts on Twitter and Facebook.


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