Live. Maybeshewill


Live. Maybeshewill
17th October 2014. The Garage, London

Without exception, every band have that one song they’re known for. It’s the foundation for people describing the group and it dominates live shows. For Maybeshewill, it’s ‘Not For Want Of Trying’ from their 2008 album of the same name. A bolshie crunch of anger and frustration, vocalised by that speech from ‘Network’, it’s as engaging as it is finite. As Maybeshewill trade in their teenage rebellion for something with a bit more scope, you’d expect ‘Not For Want Of Trying’, alongside the likes of ‘In Another Life, When We Are Both Cats’ and ‘Co-Conspirators’ to sit isolated in a set that draws heavily from the nuanced and immersive epic that Fair Youth has settled as. Musical foreplay before the release. Awkward expectation.

However, having perfected their craft over nine years and already played shows in China, Australia and Russia on their Fair Youth tour, Maybeshewill know how to communicate with a crowd. Energetic, playful and with something to prove, tonight the five-piece from Leicester set out to remind the capacity London crowd just how magnificent they’ve become.

The opening six minutes mirrors the album, with ‘…’ swelling into ‘In Amber’, lifting the room and carefully submerging it into another life. The slow-burn jangle of ‘Co-Conspirators’ is the first look of a new horizon, while ‘Red Paper Lanterns’, an early hint at who Maybeshewill would become, takes your hand and pulls you towards it. It’s then for the majesty of ‘Fair Youth’s’ title track to show you incredible things. The following ten tracks further explore this alien landscape, with Maybeshewill presenting danger and discord alongside harmonious fits of beauty.

In moving away from hard-hitting vocal samples and expectant guitar riffs, Maybeshewill have quickly developed into a more human band. The range of emotions they channel tonight is as jarring as the quiet/loud jumps that shock you from one path to another. ‘Not For Want Of Trying’ is merely one highlight in a set of pinnacles. They’ve always been a band that heads straight for the heart but armed with Fair Youth, and the live show it has inspired, Maybeshewill now know exactly what to do with it.


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