Live. Mimas & Dad Rocks!


Live. Mimas, Dad Rocks! and Olympians
The Lexington, 16th October

It’s rare for an artist to share the two sides of their musical story but tonight, at a This Is Not Jebolution Rock presents show at The Lexington in London, that’s exactly what Snævar Njáll Albertsson does. Hailing from Iceland and bringing his two musical projects with him, tonight sees Dad Rocks! reacquaint themselves with our capital, while Mimas make a long overdue return to the live circuit.
It’s tasked to Olympians to prelude this two-sided narrative, and they do so with aplomb. Soaring choruses and group harmonies aplenty, the four-piece conjure dreams of escapism with a heady dose of realism. Burying pop affection in a swelling of keys and glamour, Olympians craft songs that’ll hit you immediately, and the following day as the refrains dance around your head. A finale of ‘Home Is Where Your Heart Breaks’, falsely advertised as both ‘The Punisher’ and “Scaling Dream Mountain’ sits inbetween the two tongue in cheek lies. Brutally frank but laced with a quiet hope.
Dad Rocks! started life as a solo project but in the four years since its inception, Snævar has nurtured it into an orchestrated full band delicacy. With haunting beauty and surprising discipline, Dad Rocks! bring their grandiose Nordic folk to a dark English basement, but it couldn’t’ feel more at home. Moments of pin-drop quiet teeter on the brink before waves of full-bodied instrumental ricochet around the room. Snævar’s overwhelming smile lights up the room as he delivers emotional tales of melancholy and relevance.
Impossibly, Mimas manages the polar opposite. Gnarled around the edges and reckless with their approach, the four-piece Post-Rock/Death-Indie band hit the ground hard and spends their unscripted set bouncing between one another. Dynamic and to the point, this boisterous approach is the only way Mimas can find room to breath. The set is chaotic but endearingly so. The fans that fill the room hang on every word and those new to the band are equally enthralled. Mimas has been away for a while but this welcome should see them back sooner, rather than later.

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