Live. The So So Glos


Live. The So So Glos
Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, 28th November 2014

For all the talk of bands being like a band of brothers, there’s little mention of sibling rivalry. Yet, for The So So Glos, a group of legitimate brothers; two blood, one marriage and one friend who shared their first steps, it’s the very thing that gives their glittering punk its bite and buoyancy.

Taking to the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen after a stint supporting The Hold Steady around the UK and Europe, the New York four piece clench their collective fist from the get go. Their breezy punk is delivered with the self-awareness that only a percentage of the crowd is aware of the message within, so tonight the music comes first. Uptempo and with grand flourish, the band play off one another. Alex’s vocal conclusion at the end of the banned ‘Xanax’ is achingly impressive. You can almost see the nods of approval from his band members before Ryan intervenes with the scolding guitar introduction to ‘Wrecking Ball’. A smirk is passed between the two and the show goes on.

Later on, during the Beach Boys come Sesame Steet inspired ‘Blowout’ each band member gets the chance to shine as they’re introduced to the crowd. It’s playful without arrogant and while everyone tries to shine brightest, it’s the moments of unity that manage it with ease. There’s chemistry, then there’s blood.

The prejudice bashing ‘Speakeasy’ is met with passion and understanding, as The So So Glos endear themselves with an offensive of charm and relentless charisma. A warning from the band about technology and it’s faceless affront might seem cloying from another source, but tonight each word is digested and taken away. “If you have the Internet, use it wisely.”

Here’s your chance.

You can find The So So Glos on Facebook and Twitter


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