The Best 35 Releases of 2014. (35-30)

2014 will always be the year that was 2014.
Here is a rundown of The Best 35 Releases of 2014. 

The Best 35 Releases of 2014


35. Morain – Worlds Apart.

Stadium Rock is normally reserved for the distance but Wakefield four-piece, Morain, have taken that dreamy, far fetched reach and wrestled it into a fiercely intimate embrace. From the opening drive of ‘Who Would’ve Known’ to the soaring epic close of ‘Alive’, Morain deliver a heartfelt attack of emotion and honesty that sounds gargantuan but feels like an audience with an old friend.


34. We Are The In Crowd – Weird Kids.

‘Weird Kids’ is an album about growing up but not losing sight of those youthful dreams. It’s an ethos the band, We Are The In Crowd, live by and with every assured step it’s one they use to take their pop-punk beginnings to new and exciting places. ‘The Best Thing (That Never Happened)’ is a stone cold anthem with ‘Long Live The Kids’ and ‘Windows In Heaven’ showcasing the star power of Tay Jardine.


33. Johnny Foreigner – You Can Do Better.

‘You Can Do Better’ is the rallying cry that beats at the heart of Johnny Foreigner’s fourth album. Self-aware but with a defiant snarl, the band package controlled bursts of chaos into hook-laden chunks of punk abandon. Relentless and frenzied, ‘You Can Do Better’ is a voice that still has plenty it needs to say, and plenty you need to listen to.


32. Uncle Luc – Humblebrag.

I was absent for most of Stagecoach’s ten-year history, but their breakup at the close of 2013 still hurt. The first post-coach release came from frontman, Luke Barham under the guise of Uncle Luc and while it captures the infectious, good-natured charm that was Stagecoach, ‘Humblebrag’ is so much more than a consolation prize. Witty, ambitious and beautiful, ‘Humblebrag’ starts as a tentative return but ends as a glorious celebration and deft first chapter.


31. PVRIS – White Noise.

‘White Noise’ is a powerful statement of intent from a band who have been making waves from the off. Pvris have managed to balance the tenderness of Lynn Gunn’s vocals with the shuddering game-changing power that they imbue. ‘St. Patrick’ overflows with vulnerable confidence while ‘Fire’ is simply unstoppable. It’s the debut album that many people expected, that still excites and challenges with every twist.





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