The Best 35 Releases of 2014. (10-6)

2014 will always be the year that was 2014.
Here is a rundown of The Best 35 Releases of 2014. 

(15-11 available here)

The Best 35 Releases of 2014


10. Pulled Apart By Horses – Blood.

For their third record Pulled Apart By Horses have made a studio album. ‘Blood’ is as extravagant and lush as you would expect from a band of petulant underdogs and from the rolling echo that introduces ‘Hot Squash’ to the squawking feedback that bids ‘Golden Monument’ adieu, Pulled Apart By Horses are exploring new ground. Stepping back from the frantic venom and giving themselves room to maneuver, the Leeds four-piece have found a voice that captures the youthful snarl of old, but also offers sage wisdom and a launch pad for the future. ‘Blood’ can only be described as the most exciting and promising ‘Horses record to date.


9. The So So Glos – Blowout.

Thankfully 2014 saw The So So Glos second album, ‘Blowout’ get a UK release. All nervous energy and destructive shakes, ‘Blowout’ starts, ends and is broken up by, audio recordings of the four members at various states of childhood. From calling out Kurt Cobain on his suicide, to a ragged, youthful rendition of “Let’s Rock ‘Till We Die”, The So So Glos, a band of brothers by blood and circumstance, live, breathe and embody every single one of the scratched punk values that drive their breezy surf punk forward. More than the story, or the credentials, ‘Blowout’ is a monumental collection of music. ‘Son of an American’ is a vibrant pop romp while the title track is a breezy collision of kids television and gnarled punk. Messages are ingrained behind a reckless sense of fun, gifting ‘Blowout’ a layered appeal that’ll have you questioning your use of the internet before thrashing about in public places.


8. The Xcerts – There Is Only You.

‘There Is Only You’ came levied with a heavy sense of expectation from a band who’ve had to endure a constant stream of comparisons and false promises. Yet the third album from The Xcerts is a gloriously coherent stream of personal discovery. Opening with a majestic funeral march before kicking into the album proper, ‘There Is Only You’ is a record of grand romance and the engulfing shadow that it casts. The meta-pop of ‘Pop Song’ is as simple as it is genius while ‘Shaking In The Water’ might be the most jubilant sounding song of desperation ever. The Xcerts set out to make an album that would define their band and with this display, they’ve forever tied themselves to brilliance.


7. Gnarwolves – Gnarwolves.

Humble and with their sights set only on tomorrow, Gnarwolves are the kind of approachable idols who stumble across admiration and handle it perfectly. Their self-titled debut, a sketchbook of attitude and ferocity, is a testament to this. From the confrontational embrace of ‘Prove It’ through the arms-up-high defiance of ‘Smoking Kills’ until the tender restrain of ‘Eat Dynamite, Kid’, ‘Gnarwolves’ is a mission statement of getting outside and grabbing life. It’s rugged, flawed and rough around the edges, thus making it the perfect soundtrack of the everyday and probably explains why it’s captured the imaginations of a fresh batch of the Gnarwolves Cru. Fuck you.


6. Pup – Pup.

Inbetween seeing the breakout band of the year, Royal Blood, and a fleeting reunion of one of my first musical loves, Forward Russia, I stumbled across Pup. And thank the stars I did. From the crashing opening tumble of ‘Guilt Trip’, ‘Pup’ doesn’t relent in its exasperation, its passion or its charm. Any album that has the colossal pop-angst anthem of ‘Reservoir’ on, was always going to feature highly. Song of the year, right there. But ‘Pup’ isn’t one song. It’s ten tracks of pomp and honesty that refuse to sink into the background. It’s a considered assault of songwriting mastery, recorded chemistry and youthful exuberance. And perhaps, most importantly, it’s riotous fun. Sure, if you listen to it in public, people are going to stare as you scream the words silently into your chest, but you can rest safe in the knowledge that you had a much more enjoyable commute.



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