Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine


Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine

“It’s A Trap,” shriek Hawk Eyes during the death rattle of the aptly named album opener ‘The Trap’. Repeated again and again, is this a band with a warning or one mocking the notion of danger at every turn. This twisting motion is reflected in the album’s title ‘Everything is Fine’, which offers both reassurance and deceit.

For their third album, Hawk Eyes are out to change perspectives. From the off, the Leeds four-piece lock onto the beady centre of your eyes with a piercing blue stare and hold it for twelve unwavering tracks. It’s schooling in intensity.

From the fury of ‘Permission’, the dancehall groove of ‘I Never Lose’ until the clenched fist refrain of ‘The Ballad Of Michael McGlue’ and beyond, “Everything Is Fine’ is risky business. Warping arena rock songs into dirty backroom anthems without losing the power of either is a near impossible balancing act. Yet, the slack-jawed expression that creeps across your face as Hawk Eyes dance between the two with sublime confidence, attention to detail and ultimately success is richly deserved.

While arena rock focuses on the horizon, bar room punk on the ceiling and pop on itself, Hawk Eyes are only concerned with the moment. It’s that desire to catch a fleeting moment that results in ‘Everything Is Fine’ bringing together a little bit of everything and wrestling it into something magical.

“Ain’t Rock n’ Roll, this is suicide,” taunt the band on ‘Permission’ and they’re onto something. ‘Everything Is Fine’ is more open ended, exciting and progressive than the label demands but that doesn’t mean death. Quite the opposite as ‘Everything Is Fine’ is a glittering parade of life, despite the odds. There are no trappings here, just a band exploiting their potential and an album without flaws. Everything is fine.



~ by justdip on 08/02/2015.

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