System Of A Down – Wake Up The Souls


System Of A Down – Wake Up The Souls
10th April 2015, Wembley Arena

Reunions raise all sorts of questions with the answers varying person-to-person, band-to-band.

Tonight, System of a Down play their fourth UK show in as many years and the first under their own steam since they ended their hiatus in 2011. Anchored by the desire to raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide, tonight was always going to be bigger than the four-piece from California and as the hypnotic melody of ‘Holy Mountain’ draws a long-sold out Wembley Arena forward, smiles of disbelief are readily passed around. Thirty-five songs later and the same expression is shared, as 12500 exhausted bodies stagger off into the night.

Unrelenting, System of a Down fly through their mammoth set; highlight following favorite into pinnacle and back again with the flamboyant confidence and gritted teeth determination of a band utterly at ease with their situation and their selves. The scrappy cry of ‘Prison Song’ sees the first mass choir of the evening while ‘B.Y.O.B’ is predictably chaotic. Dancing between teenage anthems of discontent and deep cuts, every moment of the evening gives someone new a reason to sing.

An impassioned speech from Serj Tankian towards the end of the show underlines the message of tonight and reinforces the triptych of video intermissions that are deployed throughout while a smirking finale of ‘Cigaro’-‘Toxicity’-‘Sugar’ beat the final wells of energy from the room. And then, hours after they began yet feeling like no time at all, System of a Down leave the stage.

The band spend every second twisting the most out of their instruments, basking in each others company and the history they share while the room comes together under a common goal. There are still questions and the hope that tonight isn’t the last time but that pales in comparison to the chemistry of the evening, fleeting but timeless.


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